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Ongoing support, encouragement, motivation, instruction, tips, tricks and more... Weekly live sessions. Community of other writers.  Access to the Nexus Generation Community **.
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"Nikki is a great instructor with lots of experience: her feedback and suggestions were very helpful and the whole group was very supportive." --Jenny, Workshop Participant
"Nikki is highly imaginative and energetic in presenting her lessons, then deeply practical in directing writing exercises and providing writing tips." -- Karen, Workshop Participant
"[Nikki] is a vivacious, knowledgeable and conscientious presenter with years of experience as a writer and in the publication business. I enjoyed her enthusiasm and her practical approach to writing, and I always left her workshops feeling excited and encouraged about writing. I highly recommend Nikki as a writing mentor and instructor." -- Loraine, Workshop Participant
Explore the Craft of Writing
With Author: Nikki Tate
Stop Struggling Alone!
  •  Hands-on writing exercises
  •  Supportive feedback
  •  Focus on creative writing tips and techniques
  •  Apply what you learn to a work in progress
  •  Generate new ideas
  •  Character: observation and details, dialogue, point of view
  •  Setting
  •  Plot
  •  Description
  •  Language
  •  Motivation
  •  Community
  •  Option to submit work to Writers on Fire publication on Medium
  • ​Option to submit work to the Nexus Generation publication on Medium
The author of 35 books and several thousand shorter pieces, Nikki Tate has written fiction and non-fiction, for the stage, business, and more. 

Each week we focus on a new theme. When you feel comfortable, post your writing in the private facebook group and join in the discussion. 

Find inspiration in the encouragement of others - use the prompts and exercises each week to jump-start your imagination or to go deeper with your current work in progress.  Cultivate joy and delight as you nurture your passion for writing.  
In just 10 minutes a day you, too, can be nurturing your love of the written word. 
**Writers on Fire Writing Group with Nikki Tate used to be hosted on Facebook as a private, members-only page. But to be honest, we are sick of Facebook. Even when members have asked to see content and we oblige, they rarely saw our posts - the Facebook algorithm these days just doesn't encourage interaction, engagement, and conversation with our members. 

NEXUS GENERATION is hosted on the Mighty Networks Platform and allows us to offer more content, more conversation, more activities, and a better user experience all around. 

There are no ads, no distractions, no interruptions. Just you, the writers, the assignments, the live sessions, and the camaraderie of a lively group of people who enjoy writing. 

Whether you love to blog, are working on a memoir, have always wanted to write a novel, or prefer to focus on poetry, this is where you'll find your people. 

Want to learn more about other ways to tell your story (Video, IG stories, etc.)? We're rolling out courses and groups you'll be able to access for no extra cost. 

If you have a book you're trying to finish and need extra 1-on-1 coaching, that will also soon be available at a premium price. But if you aren't quite ready for that level of commitment, we won't charge you.  

The beauty of our new home is that we can keep everything together under one virtual roof. Need a quick primer on getting set up on Medium? It's there. Interested in a book club? Check. What about a journaling discussion group? Yep. That's available, too.  

Connect with other members in your area for local meet-ups and be the first to hear about live events like workshops and retreats. As a Nexus Generation member you'll get early access and special deals. 
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